Published: 19.01.2017

10 Biggest Men’s Tennis Betting Upsets in 2014

No-one is unbeatable, and even the best players have off days.  2014 has seen no shortage of upsets across both the ATP and WTA tours. Matches don’t come any bigger than Grand Slam matches or Davis Cup ties and here we find a few gems of upsets.

2014 Australian Open

Heading in to the Australian Open the “Big 4” of mens tennis, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray had won 34 of the previous 35 Grand Slam tournaments and no-one would have predicted the 2014 Australian Open would have been the 35th.   Enter Stan Wawrinka and his lethal backhand.  After cruising through the opening 4 rounds (including one walkover and one retirement), a centre court night quarter final with Djokovic ended up with an epic Wawrinka victory 9-7 in the 5th.   A tight 4 set win in the semi’s over Tomas Berdych saw Stan reach his first Grand Slam Final and up against none other than Rafael Nadal, whom he overcome in 4 sets to claim the title. At $61 pre-tournament, the bookies were laughing all the way to the bank.

2014 Wimbledon Fourth Round

The youngest player in the Top 100, Nick Kyrgios pulled off perhaps the biggest upset on the men’s tour all year when he toppled Rafael Nadal in 4 sets.  Nadal started the match as a $1.03 favourite and Kyrgios at $12. This match offered exchange punters great betting opportunities.  With Nadal’s price so short pre match punters could have layed him for only a small risk, and end up winning a large amount.  Similarly, Punters who backed Kyrgios at the start at $12, could have then layed him at around $4 after he won the first set, ensuring a profit regardless of the result, or at least to cover their stake to break even on one outcome for a larger profit on the other.

2014 US Open

Show me one person who says they predicted this final and I’ll show you a liar. It was just impossible to imagine one of the big 4 not making it to the final, and if they didn’t people would have thought it would be players like Ferrer, Berdych or Wawrinka, certainly not Kei Nishikori and a rejuvenated Marin Cilic.    From a betting perspective, exchange punters would have had fun in the semi-final matches with both heavy underdogs.

Davis Cup matches on April 4th

Davis cup matches don’t usually receive the same level of betting activity but opportunities exist nonetheless.  April 4 saw two massive upsets.  German Peter Gojowczyk ($17 pre match) upset Frenchman Jo-wilfried Tsonga whereas Kazakh Andrey Golubev ($13) upset Swiss Stan Wawrinka.

So the question is now, how can you make a profit on these upsets, as well as the countless near-upsets, that occur through the year?   All the $1.01 – $1.03 favourites pre match?  The simple answer is to bet with betting exchanges and Lay those favourites.  In the Nadal v Kyrgios match. If you layed Nadal at $1.03 before the match, then you are risking just $3 to potentially win $100, or $30 to win $1000.  Assuming you risked only $3 before the match, you could then have put $20 on Nadal after he lost the first set at odds of approximately $1.25.  While this second scenario would have lost, you still only outlayed $23 and pocketed $100 for the Kyrgios win.  Had Nadal won, you would have a return of $25 meaning that you would at least turn a profit regardless of the result.  That is the punters dream and with betting exchanges you can make it happen, and that is one of the reasons the popularity of betting exchanges is soaring. The ability to lay at minimal risk, rather than back at massive risk is a feature that sportsbook operators just can’t provide.

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